Travel Plans

August 25, 2015

We’re gearing up for a big weekend. This Friday night we will be boarding a flight to Ireland to spend 2 weeks visiting and catching up with family and as many of our Irish friends as possible. I say “We’re gearing up” but what I really mean is “I” am gearing up, cos this momma is about to brave a transatlantic flight alone with a 3 year old and an 18 month old. I’ve been very good so far at blocking out all of the possible disasters this experience may bestow on me, but every now and then the fear will catch me off guard and awaken a slight fight or flight response from my nervous system. Its not that I haven’t flown solo with them before, I have, twice, just never anything long-haul. But kids are as unpredictable as a wild animal, just because you’ve had a couple of manageable flights in the past, that by no-means means the next one will play out in a similar manner. In fact, believing so, would be a mothers biggest mistake. And even though we are still 4 days away from our departure, this mothers preparation began a week ago. Oh yes, prepardness is key, and right now should any of my kids complain about being hungry, thirsty, bored, hot, cold, tired or tight from sitting in a seat too long, I’ve got it covered. Should anyone decided to surprise me with snot, puke, diarrhea, pee-pee or any other gross yet popular childhood function, I’ve got that covered too. Yet I still hesitate in my belief that I am ready, at the end of the day we are dealing with kids, and lets be honest, when it comes to kids, you’re never really ready. So my survival plan is to take the experience on one small step at a time. From packing, to checking in, to boarding, to flying, until our arrival in Dublin, its all about the baby steps.

And something that has absolutely nothing to do with my rant above, but are just some really cute photos from last night when I took the boys down to Marietta Square to play and explore.

The Square.

The little blue butt hanging over the fountain wall, is Keane.

Cullen got a little distracted by something, but he made his way towards the fountain eventually.

The boys.

Keane running laps around the fountain

Cullen too.

Of course Cullen couldn’t resist the play train.

Keane is in his jump off everything phase.

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