Fishy Fishy

August 23, 2015

A weekend visit to the Georgia Aquarium for the boys and our little friend Zachary.

Up very close and personal to all of the aquatic action.

Our little friend Zachary.

Cullen was in awe of the ginormous fish tank with so many fish and so much colour.

Keane gets as close as he can.

Happy little boy.

Even the ceiling was full of fish.

And as luck would have it, during our visit it was time to clean the tank glass and feed the fish, a job done by this scuba diver.

The boys watching the scuba diver in action.

These fish know whats up. Following the food.

Keane loved watching the whole feeding process.

He also made sure Cullen didn’t miss any of the action.

The boys, loving it.

Managed to grab this moment of Keane giving his brother a big hug.

Don’t ask me who this guy is, I have no idea, sea horse?

Either way he had Keane channelling his inner cheerleader.

Cullen on the moving walkway is just a tad confused.

Sharks, this was Keane’s favorite part.

Baby Zachary having the best time.

Cullen and Zachary having a little moment together.

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