Running With Scissors

August 16, 2015

Lord help us he’s developed an interest in sharp objects, scissors to be specific and right now we can’t find enough things to cut. I’ve set some ground rules as far as the scissor usage goes and so far he’s adhering to the rules. But I just know there will come a day, when rules or no rules, the temptation to cut the forbidden or his curiosity of the outcome will be too great for him to resist. Lets all just hope its not his brothers hair, his own hair or one of the animals that gets the barber Keane treatment.

Yesterday Keane’s focus was on cutting play-doh.

Keane may look nothing like me, but he has many traits and mannerisms that without a doubt he got from his momma. Sticking his tongue out in moments of deep concentration is one of them.

“Be afraid, be very afraid”. This sharp object is bringing way too much happiness and joy.

“Look mommy, I cut out a strawberry”

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