Zen and Unzen

May 29, 2010

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that gets up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and grazes the little market stalls that pop up in local parks all over the city on weekends. The people that graze these markets have a calmness and serenity about them. They don’t walk among the stalls and displays, they float. Organization is their middle name, yoga is their workout of choice and a “To Do” list?? Never heard of it, they’re way to zen for that. I on the other hand have a life that spins on its head most of the time and my “To Do” list would rival The Great Wall in length, therefore, I have no business grazing any market places on a Saturday or Sunday morning. My business is spending the weekend getting caught up on everything I didn’t get done during the week.

However, this weekend I decided to flip my own script. Throw caution to the wind. “To Do” list be damned and I headed down to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park with my friend Rupa to graze the market stalls and pick ourselves up some Georgia peaches.

Then I picked up some treats for Dexter,

before harassing the stall owner to let me take a photo of her tattoo’s.

I thought this tattoo was so cute. Such a sad little girl. Wait, I think she’s sad cos all of the blood spilling out of her cowboy hat. Weird.

And cos stall grazing can be oh so tiring and the weather was oh so hot, we stopped off for a little lunch, of the liquid kind.

All n’ all it was a lovely morning, until I returned to Bruschi (Husband’s truck) and found this………

……..and this. Yep, Bruschi picked himself up a new accessory and I was NOT impressed.

The unfairness of the situation was infuriating. I was parked in a legitimate parking spot, just not in an area I was legitimately shopping in, so a Bruschi lockdown was the punishment. I wanted to scream. I was between a rock and a hard place and the clamper people held the power. I called the number that was slapped on my window and when the clamper man pulled up, I would rather have slapped him. Nothing would have given me more satisfaction, but we barely exchanged a word. There was no point, this dude did not care and I’m sure there was nothing I could have called him or yelled at him that he hasn’t heard a million times before. The guy was void of human emotion that much was obvious, so I just saved my breath, paid the ransom and got the hell out of there before I had a change of heart and went all Jack Nicholson on his ass (think The Shining, The Departed, A Few Good Men).

3 Responses to “Zen and Unzen”

  1. Rupa says:

    Great post!! And a great time with ya’.. and yes, the title is so right-on…zen all day long until … and you know I didn’t keep it calm, I did scream and got pissy and everything else…oh well, it felt good for the moment! : ) About to make my Peach Cobbler — ahh…back to Zen!

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Oh you sure did release your inner Jack Nicholson, but you know clamper dude deserved ever bit of it. Enjoy peach cobbler. Save e a piece.

  3. oh my gosh karen what a mess.. I thought you were going to say get all “Jack Bauer” on him.. funny post. Sorry that happened though!

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