Quality Time

July 30, 2015

The downside of being second born? The fact that you always have to share momma’s attention with your older sibling. I’m guilty of feeling guilty about this regularly. Motherhood, one big massive guilt trip, who knew? So when the opportunity for a little one-on-one action with my second born presents itself, I grab it with both hands. So the other day while Keane took his afternoon nap and Cullen flat out refused to take his, no matter how many stories I read, I decided we would spend a little quality time exploring the world of colours and colouring.

Such the little boy right now, how did that happen?

Baby masterpiece. He told me it was a ball, and I believe him.

Ask Cullen any of his colours and he will always say “bu” (blue). Its the only colour he can say, so be you orange, red, yellow or green, he will always tell you its “bu“.

My brown eyed boy.

Ta-dah! The middle picture is all Cullen’s and I think its amazing. The other 2 was just me drawing some of his favorite things, balls and trees, which he went ahead and helped me to colour.

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