Green’ish Fingers

July 28, 2015

From the moment we met it was like we’d always been friends, I was 10 and she was 8 and we’d both joined the local athletic (track) club in our town. She had a personality and sense of humor that was right up my street, funny with an edge of sarcasm, there was no BS, we took nothing too serious, not even the stuff we should have taken serious. Most of our training sessions we spent laughing. If we f*#ked up, we laughed, if we nailed it, we laughed, just showing up was grounds to laugh. Laughing was how we dealt with life and growing up and racing, weather we won or lost, we could always find something to laugh about. Then we grew up and went off to college, different colleges. After that we had different lives and different careers. We reconnected on and off over the years and every time we did, it was like nothing had changed, we seemed to pick up exactly where we left off. Several years ago through the wonder of Facebook, we found each other again and discovered we were both living in the US, she in Texas and me in Georgia and just like that, the friendship was reignited. Every year we talked about visiting each other, but there was always a reason it didn’t work out. Caitriona had her first baby, a few years later I had mine, then we both had our second babies, 4 days apart. Life was officially busy. But this past weekend Caitriona left her busy responsibilities in the hands of her very capable husband to jump on a plane so we could finally do all of our chatting in person.

Of course, on top of the girl-time we spent together, there was also that small role of mom that had to be maintained. Luckily Caitriona is an amazing mother to a 6 year old girl and a 17 month old boy, so getting stuck into our daytime projects was just a typical “day in the life” for her too. This past weekend the boys took on the job of prettying up the front of our house. So off to the garden center we went.

Cullen keeps a close guard of our cart while we begin the flower selection.

Keane and Caitriona team up to choose the flowers for his pot.

Decisions decisions.

Loading up.

Off for a wander.

And a run around.

Time for fun at the fountains.

Now Cullen finally knows what he wants.

More fountain feature splashing.

On the left Cullen is trying to drink the water, on the right Keane shows him how its really done.

Testing their new watering cans.

Back home and its time to get to work.

Looking like a true gardener.

Prepping the clay with lots of water.

Lots of water.

Getting the flowers in place.

Keane was wondering why we didn’t just pour the water on top of the flowers instead of into the dirt. So I believe I’m doing my best to explain the whole flowers drinking through roots system by making lots of reference to straws. Not sure he’s buying it.

Keane investigates a bug bite, while Cullen and I flash our “green fingers”.

Watering was definitely their favorite part.

And there is our finished project, sitting proudly on the front porch.

Cullen’s collection.

Keane’s collection.

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