Wet n’ Wild

July 23, 2015

The long hot summer days in Georgia call for one thing, a day of fun with friends at the splash park. There is nothing else to say really, the photos of Keane, Cullen and their friends Cannon, Harvey and Wyatt say it all. These boys had an absolute blast.

Cannon and Keane start off under the oversized water mushroom.

Cullen, straight into it as always.

Harvey spent some time giving the fountains a closer look before kicking off his fun.

Wyatt was the most cautious, just barely reaching a hand in to test the waters.

The bigger boys are off and running.

Cullen and Harvey team up to try drinking the water.

Cullen still trying to drink it.

This is hilarious to him.

Back to the big boys.

Keane’s fountain run through.

Cannon’s fountain run through.

Always trying to copy the big boys, Cullen’s run through.

Wyatt is getting so brave and finally builds up the courage to run through the water. So proud of himself.

So hard to get a photo of my boys together these days. They’re both so busy doing their own thing. I did manage to snag this one shot.

Cannon doing the crab crawl.

Harvey just hanging out enjoying the spray.

The fun is never ending for Cullen. He is having the best time.

Wyatt going for it again.

Harvey in observation mode.

Everyone wanted a turn pushing the button on the showers next to the fountains, on the right you’ll notice Keane’s “when is it my turn” face.

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