Imagine It! Day Out

July 21, 2015

At 6 months old Keane and Bryson were in the same baby swim class. A group of 6 babies and they were the only 2 boys. Fast forward three years and they still take swim class together, although they are far more advanced than their baby swimming days, but more than that, outside of the pool they have become good friends. So last week Keane and Bryson, and Cullen of course, spent the day at “Imagine It, Childens Museum. This place it amazing, you could literally spend an entire day there and still not experience everything they have to offer.

But let me start off by saying that all of the photos you are about to see from our day at the museum were captured using my iPhone. I always feel the need to clarify this least anyone think my ability to capture a decent photo somehow suddenly disappeared over night. Its an ego thing for sure, and I often cringe at the quality of the images later as I scroll through them on my computer. But I know my standard of photo quality is a little higher than most, and sometimes its just about capturing the moment regardless of quality. Also when you’re trying to keep an eye on 3 kids all moving in different directions, tote around their bag of emergency supplies and push a buggy for the youngest members moments of fatigue, then it just becomes more practical to take a snap with the phone.

Trains, of course the boys couldn’t get enough of those. Also the ball and pipe station got a lot of love. Bottom left you can see Keane feeding balls in to the pipe and Bryson trying to track where it ends up.

Now we’re on the farm and Bryson and Keane opt to share the tractor duties.

Keane and Cullen go about getting milk the old fashioned way.

Then it was time to stop off at the grocery store for some essentials. Cullen chooses his food and then heads to the register where Keane checks him out and informs him that his groceries will cost “26 and a half monies”.

Building blocks.

Fishing at the water station.

Budding Picasso’s hard at work.

Time to take on some heavy machinery.

The big boys enjoying story time followed by a game of ball.

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  1. Grandma says:

    What a fabulous place! We will have to go when I come down sometime. Cullen seems like he is so much older, doing everything the big boys do!

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