BIZ-Y Boys

July 19, 2015

If you want to see me and the boys this summer you better make an appointment, cos we are BIZ-Y. Playdates, summer classes and fun days out with friends add up to a jam packed calendar, which add up to happy boys, not to mention a happy momma.

Last week the boys took their friends Cannon, Harvey and Wyatt to their favorite river for a splash around. I didn’t get to grab as many photos of this little adventure as I would have liked, Cullen found himself a very deep rock pool and was relentless in his efforts to wander off and explore. So most of my time was spent trying to divert him, distract him or rescue him from drowning. This pissed him off to no end, made very clear by his yelling and screaming, thus making me a big a$$hole parent for not wanting him to drown.

Not sure what Harvey was trying to explain to Cullen, obviously is was nothing to do with staying away from the deep rock pool cos….

….Cullen waddled off happy instead of angry.

Wyatt heard about our previous efforts to find Nemo and decided to give it a go himself.

This is how most of our boys ended the river adventure, semi-naked, dirty, hungry but happy.

Last week the boys also managed to squeeze in a music class. Keane and Harvey duet on one drum, Cullen is the other bald baby behind Harvey muscling his way onto someone elses drum.

Harvey was serious about feeling the beat.

Cannon gives a very loud solo performance

Cullen is off, who’s drum can he beat on next?

After testing most of the drums he decided to settle down next to his brother.

Ms Jennifer allows the kids to have a turn on her guitar.


In addition to his own sticks, Cullen managed to acquire his brothers and mine which made him very happy.

Not wanting Cullen to steal his sticks, Harvey played happily on the other side of the room.

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