Training Partners

June 29, 2015

During our stay in Eugene we got to catch up with our good friends “The Eatons”. For those of you who may not know, Ashton and his wife Brianne are highly decorated athletes. Ashton just happens to be World and Olympic champion, not to mention world record holder in the decathlon. His very lovely wife Brianne, is a World sliver medalist, Commomwealth gold medalist and Canadian record holder in the heptathlon, but outside of all of their track accomplishment, they just happen to be 2 of the nicest, most genuine humans you could ever hope to meet. Seriously. As a not nice person I want to hate them for these high levels of genuine niceness, but ironically, they won’t even see the worst in me for thinking that way, thats how nice they are. Nice enough to invite us over for dinner and not only let the boys rearrange some of their furniture for what Keane likes to call “silly games” and tag, but they actually joined in all of the toddler madness. Nice enough to let me drop by with a couple of grubby little gypsy children (i.e my own children) and use their bath to scrub them clean. Why? Cos least you forget, we were staying in a camper van, sans bath tub.

One of the mornings while Daddy was busy doing his agent thing at the NCAA Championships, the boys and I tagged along to one of their training sessions. But while Ashton and Brianne worked on perfecting some of their throwing events, the discus and javelin, the boys and I relocated to the other side of the field to work on some speed and agility, and to ensure nobody wandered out into the path of some dangerous flying object. Here the boys work on their starts.

Keane is out.

Cullen is starting to get the hang of it.

Couldn’t pass up the change to taste a cone.

Recruiting some upper body power that Cullen thinks is hilarious.

So excited to give it a go.

Leg power.

Love the moments when they are best buddies.

Once Ashton and Brianne were done with their throwing, we rejoined them for the end of their session.

The boys getting some hurdle coaching.

Keane spiderman crawls his way through the hurdle series, while Brianne provides Cullen with some over the hurdle assistance.

Now its the boys turn to help Brianne with some resistance runs.

2 little boys and a flat back wheel, can’t get more resistance than that.

Not just a sport of physical abilities, track & field also requires a strong mental game, and that’s whats happening here. The boys help Aston sharpen his mental skills with some stacking cup brain games.

Now nobody is taking it serious.

Not sure what the conversation is here, but it looks serious.

Sock tossing, Ashton manages to dodge Keane’s flying sock.


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