Pet, Pick & Pan

June 27, 2015

Remember when you use to take a trip with your significant other or friends and your priorities were always first of all to get that “Do NOT Disturb” sign swinging from your door knob, least the cleaning lady try to infringe upon your plans to sleep in at too ungodly of an hour. Then it was all about locating the pool, the best areas for shopping or afternoon coffee with baked treats. Then once the sun had set, finding the best “Happy Hour(s)” bar. Yeah “Hour(s)” plural, I said it, don’t judge me, I get very thirsty when I’m on vacation. Well this vacation was NOTHING like the old days. On this particular day of this vacation in my new life role a mother, we were all about finding us some animals to pet and feed, some strawberries to pick/eat and some gold to pan for. Then later on for “Happy Hour(s)”, we hit the ice-cream bar for a cocktail of vibrantly colored ice-cream.

Cullen is in a very social phase, nobody is a stranger, be you animal or be you human, you are all his friend and he wants to feed you.

Keane being a little older is starting to realize that in life, there is always a chance you might get bit, so his approach was more on the cautious side.

And since Mr. Goat didn’t bite his fingers off, they can now be friends.

Cullen continues to force feed his new friends. The notion that they might bite his fingers off never even occurs to him.

Buckets in hand and the hunt for strawberries begins.

You may be surprised to hear that very few strawberries actually made it into Cullen’s bucket.

The big boys team up.

Still eating.

Believing he’s been spotted by the farmer stealing, Cullen pegs it outta there. Too bad he’s got “guilty” smushed all over his face.

This little farm also had a gold panning station. Which was very cool. And the boys went straight to work panning for our retirement, or at least a newer more deluxe camper van.

We’re Rich! Gem stones bi#*hes.

Our “Happy Hour(s)” and Cullen is absolutely amazed by Keane’s blue ice-cream mustache and beard.

Its literally the funniest thing he’s seen all day.

“Momma look, have you seen this guys face?”

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