Today I am a mom that is wiped the heck out. Kids parties have a way of burning you out and making you feel like you just ran back to back marathons in one day. Its crazy. These little monsters have energy for days and in large groups they seem to draw strength from each other and take that energy to explosive new levels. Throw in a endless supply of juice and cupcakes and all I can say is parents, put down your adult beverage, cos you are going to need all of your wits, focus and razor sharp reaction abilities to handle anything and everything thats about to happen. But at the end of the day its all about the kids, and the only thing that really matters is that they’ve had a good time and Keane had an absolute blast celebrating with all of his friends.

Keane’s party theme was “Dinosaurs” and I have to thank my good friend Aisha for the amazing job she always does designing and personalizing all of our party decorations.

Keane was very specific about his cake, he told the baker it had to be blue, with a big brachiosaurus at the top and maybe some balloons, cos his brother Cullen likes balloons and he wanted to share his cake with him too, and it definitely had to say “3″ and have “Keane” on it. Here is the end result. Needless to say, he LOVED it.

Our very colorful cupcakes with dinosaur toppers made by my friend Aisha.

That little hand is the birthday boy, he told me he was helping but I have a feeling he was trying to sneak himself a taste of cupcake.


The partener in crime.

Keane’s birthday shirt, its says “KEANE-A-SAURUS”. Cullen’s says “BRO-A-SAURUS”

I actually didn’t take as many photos during the party as I usually do, this year I wanted to really enjoy being part of the day and not worry about running around capturing every little moment. So I just spent about 15 minutes grabbing a few shots as the kids played.

The face of a little boy who just ate a shovel full of sand.

About to hit the bouncy castle.

Cullen doesn’t go to many people, but he loves his girlfriend Emma, follows her everywhere.

Hot and sweaty and ready for some birthday cake.

Thank you to my friend Gianne for taking these candle blowing shots.

Cullen and Emma share a cupcake.

I think this is his 3rd or 4th cupcake that day.

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