The Daily Challenge

May 30, 2015

So the summer is a bit of a challenge I’m finding. I have my precious children around me all the time these days, and while I know its wonderful and they won’t be this small forever and I should enjoy it and all that other good stuff older people who have raised their kids tell you, it doesn’t make the days of trying to juggle your housewifely chores lets call them, with keeping the boys entertained and happy any less of a challenge, not to mention exhausting. Daily life is nothing but a circus these days, for every task I manage to get accomplished, for example finally folding the laundry, in swoops Cullen to pull out and investigate each item I just folded before tossing it deliberately onto the floor. And I didn’t even notice cos the older brother provided the perfect decoy by spilling an entire box of cereal onto the floor as he went about proving he was now big enough to get his own breakfast. Thats all within the first hour of getting up. Lord help us if anyone has a doctors appointments, an activity to attend or my personal least favorite, grocery shopping. The “simple” act of trying to get out the door with 2 toddlers, I’m sure will be what eventually has me committed to one of them cosy rooms with padded walls and daily attire of white jackets with buckles.

So safe in the knowledge that I’m not the only mother stumbling and clawing her way through these long summer days, when I find something that proves itself to be a big hit with the kids, keeps them stimulated and occupied for a lengthy period of time and doesn’t involve a TV or iPad, then I’m all about the sharing of information. Last week a trip to IKEA resulted in my leaving not with what I actually went to get, but something much better, a cart full of inexpensive toddler fun.

Behold, 2 very busy and engrossed toddlers.

The most expensive item from the stuff I’m about to show you was $15, everything else was right around $9-$12. This little truck/crane set Cullen absolutely loves.

The crane has a magnet at the end that can grab each of the shapes from the trailer. Love it, but more importantly, Cullen loves it.

Next we have the garage, the various trucks and the mat (the planes we already had).

These are a favorite with both the boys. The vehicles you put together yourself, but each one only has 3 parts, so its easy and fun for them to figure out and do.

The garage was a little more complicated, so I put that together for them.

Someone’s having fun and he just can’t hide it.

The train set and trains we already had but the boys loved that we found a way to incorporate them into our fictitious little town.

Being boys of course everything has to end up crashing. But I didn’t care, eventually I was able step away and let them play while I refolded laundry and cleaned cereal off the floor.

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