An Early Gift

May 24, 2015

His birthday is still 2 weeks away, but Keane has already received his gift. A gift we were careful to emphasis had to be SHARED with his brother. And why did he get it now? Call me a pessimist but I just knew the assembling of this gift was going to take A LOT of man hours, was probably not going to go seamlessly and whatever challenges it was about to throw at us, I wanted to make sure they navigated and resolved before The Husband left to go to Europe for 2 weeks, returning a mere 2 days before Keane’s birthday party. Waiting just wasn’t an option. I couldn’t risk the pressure and stress of a jet-lagged husband trying to assemble the playset 48 hours before a group of overly charged and sugared 3 year olds were due to show up on our door step. So an early birthday gift for Keane it was.

We definitely need to give a shout-out to The Husband and our visiting intern Alex who started putting this bad boy together at 9.30pm Friday night, working with little miners lamps until 2.00am. Were up and at it again by 8.30am Saturday morning and had it all done in time for The Husbands departure to the airport at 3pm.

When you see how much fun these little boys are having, it was so worth it.

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