Outdoor Play

May 17, 2015

This week Keane wrapped up his school year on a very busy note, with a “Summer’s Coming Party” and a recital of songs learned throughout the year and preformed for parents. Songs about dinosaurs and worms sang with the volume and enthusiasm only a 2 year old can deliver. Cullen has one more week to go before he too will be given his freedom for the summer. So look out mom friends, this momma will be seeking you all out for lots of play dates to help with the long hot summer of entertainment and fun ahead.

Speaking of summer heat, here are the lads cooling off after our Saturday morning forrest excursion.

Water, rocks, sticks, what more could a baby ask for?

Always running.

This is our friend Alex, he just graduated from journalist school in England and has aspiration of becoming a sports journalist specializing in the area of track & field. So he’s staying with us for a couple of weeks to work with The Husband. Keane and him have become best buddies, so like it or not, when he’s done with his day at the office, he finds himself being included in all of our toddler adventures. Here he is teaching Keane how to take on the stepping stones.

Then he watches and encourages as Keane attempts his first solo crossing.

Wahoooo! So proud of himself.

Cullen hears all of the cheering and excitement and wonders whats happening.

So over he goes to watch his big brother in action.

Cullen decides to share his rock finds with Alex.

Before fishing for passing leaves.

Watch out! Here comes Keane, making his 50th crossing on the stepping stones. Once he got the hang of it, he just wouldn’t stop.

Still beaming with pride.

Luckily this momma knew this adventure would end up in the river, so I brought along some dry clothes and shoes for the boys to chance into.

Nice and dry and ready to run some bridge races.

Keane and Alex are in the blocks, ready for action. Cullen is ready in his own way.

Go! Cullen was pissed he missed the starters gun, but tried to chase everyone down anyway.

And then decided it was all very funny.

The winner.

Encouraging Cullen to run all the way to the line.

Keane gives his brother a big hug for finishing the race.

The cars turn to race.

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