Breast Cancer 5k 2015

May 10, 2015

For the third year now, Mike and I and Keane have participated in the Atlanta Breast cancer 5k. Cullen joined the squat last year as a wee 3 month old, but this year he’s back as a whooping 15 month old and ready to race.

This is the first year Keane could register and receive his own number. Such a big boy moment. But 2 seconds after we put it on, he wanted it off. Oh well.

Its always a risky business giving a professional camera to a stranger and asking them to get a group shot, but I would have to say, this stranger nailed it.

The boys are feeding off of all the pre-race energy thats flying around.

Keane and Mike give Cullen a quick lesson on the starting commands and positions. “On your marks”


So rare is it that I get to be in a photo with my boys, and this is how Cullen wants the moment captured.

But a photo with Mike? No tears, just a slight pouty lip.

Each year it gets harder and harder to get Keane into the stroller. He wants to run the whole race himself. I have no idea what I said to get him not only in, but happy to do so, but I definitely want to remember it for the future.

Cullen gives me the laziest, most disinterested wave ever.

Finally out and off.

Pit-stop at the half way mark for some rehydration.

And a little time out to explore the city trees.

Back into the stroller as we try to make up some ground.

But it was always going to be temporary and eventually they both wanted to get out. Here’s Cullen taking his place amongst all of the participants.

Go Cullen!

Shades on as we get closer to the finish.

Mike managed to snap this shot of us just after we crossed the finish line.

Hmmm, not going to say a whole lot about this shot, I’m just glad he managed to squeeze me and the boys into the frame. Waaay down there at the bottom if your looking for us.

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