Works of Art

May 8, 2015

I don’t even know how to explain what your about to see. I’m not even sure where the, lets call it “inspiration” came from. Or how it went from being an inspirational idea to an actual project, but next think I know, Keane and I are rolling out great big sheets of paper, Cullen is choosing his paint, we are down to our underwear and are about to paint with our hands and feet.

Keane can’t wait to get started, Cullen is not sure whats about to happen and the panic is written all over his face.

So he watches Keane.

And what do you know, he gives it a go and likes it, or at the least, doesn’t hate it.

Slowly things are gearing up to get really messy.

Somehow the diggers always seem to make their way into our projects.

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