The “Ah-Ha” Moment

April 29, 2015

We’ve been drawing faces on and off for a while now. Talking about the shape of the face, how many eyes, where they should go, nose, mouth, all that good stuff. And over time, Keane’s face drawings have evolved from wild scribbles and me pretending I could see the various features of what Keane told me were faces, to actual identifiable more accurate depictions of a face. But today something clicked. Today while we sat drawing pictures of Daddy, Keane realized that Daddy needed legs, and arms, and feet, and just like that, he drew him some. He was so excited and proud of his work that he then wanted to draw a picture of himself, but with faster legs than Daddy, so he did.

One doesn’t come to the realization that people should have arms, legs and feet without intense concentration.

Loving his own work.

And here they are, Keane’s first legit drawings of people. Daddy is obviously the picture on the right, Keane wanted to give him a silly face, hence the wobbly mouth. And his self portrait is on the left. He decided to give himself a happy face cos he had fast legs. Both these pictures are now framed and hanging in Daddy’s office.

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