Fun in the Sun

April 26, 2015

Keane had his school “Fun in the Sun” day on Friday, or if we were in Ireland, we’d be calling it a “Field Day”. And it was everything a Field Day should be, for a 2 yr old. Keane got to partake in some parachute games, his first a tug-a-war, some bean-bag tosses, a craft station and of course the old reliable bouncy castle. Cullen also got to tag along and join in some of the big kid fun. So you can only imagine how busy this momma was trying to chase an inquisitive 1 year around the place as well as cheer and take photos for her 2 yr old doing his various activities. Lets just say Keane wasn’t the only person wore the feck out at the end of the day.

The morning kicked off with a school photo. This is Keane with his class mates as well as the boys and girls from the 3 and 4 yr old classes.

Now who is this curious little body watching from the sidelines?

Its Cullen!

Some parachute fun.

This is the tug-a-war.

Keane’s teacher Ms. Debbie does her best to explain what a tug-a-war is and how to hold the rope.

Keane’s side is ready.

Keane’s side didn’t really understand the “pull” element of the game and ended up getting dragged forward by the other side.

But very quickly they figured out the concept and thats when the effort was stepped up and Keane’s side began “using their muscles” to get themselves back in contention.

Classmate Julian hits the deck, but eventually the rope was dragged back and they were the winners.

A little fun at the bubble station.

Keane tries to teach Cullen how to bean-bag toss.

Break for a snack.

Cullen does an eat-and-run, anxious to get back to the action.

Then there was this, the beloved bouncy castle.

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