The Art Barn

April 23, 2015

Ok, get ready, lots and lots of photos to share from our amazing trip to The Art Barn this week. Parents, if you looking for a hands-on, extremely child friendly farm experience for your kids and you live Georgia, definitely check this place out. Our boys had an absolute blast, as your about to see.

So this is the “art” part of the day. A fun little art room where the kids get to paint whatever they want before they head off to explore the farm.

Harvey wants to but is a little unsure about touching the donkeys.

Keane loved being able to get so close and befriend this tired fella.

Cannon helps one of the farmers give this donkey a rub down.

Cullen was more into the chickens.

Wyatt and Harvey head off to check on a noisy rooster.

I would lay down if I was this big too.

Daddy helps Keane get a closer look.

And Cullen too.


More brothers and Cullen doing his little creeper thing in the background.

Wyatt fixated on the roosters.

Waiting for the tractor.

Love this moment between Keane and Cannon, having a chat about all things tractor.

Its here!

Time to climb aboard.

Farmer Sue talks to the kids about all things chicken and duck and egg.

Wyatt listening.

Cannon and Keane listening.

These 2 birds just chillin behind Cannon and Keane’s head are also listening and/or having a gossip.

Time to pet the baby chickens.

Cullen stood over the baby ducks for several minutes yelling “quack-quack” at them.

Time to watch the ducks take a bath.

The littles exploring the tractor.

Keane sees the tractor heading off on another ride.

And decides to take chase.

Cullen’s sees Keane take off and wonders what in the world he’s up to.

The perfect tree for even more photos.

Group shot!

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