Guess what? Its still raining, but we continue to power on with most of our planned outdoor activities and playdates like its a balmy 20 degrees and sunny. We just have to remember to pack a change of clothes, cos these boys believe in going big or going home. If your gonna get wet, get all wet.

Saturday evening we met with our little friend Wyatt for some playground fun, but not wanting to subject my camera to any more rain exposure for fear of water damage (thats how my last camera died) I captured a little of their fun on my trusty iPhone. Much cheaper to replace the phone then the camera.

You’ll notice from our little playground collage that Cullen wasn’t happy just getting wet from the rain, no, he wanted to get even wetter, so he found himself a faucet to stand under. Also, this week Keane is in a “wear my helmet everywhere” phase, so that why he’s wearing his helmet, everywhere.

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