Its Rainin Rainin

September 29, 2010

Its raining here in the Bahamas and rumors are rife regarding tropical storms supposedly headed our way. But honestly, news like that just made us giddy, mischievous teenager style giddy. So we did what any disobedient teenager worth there weight in mischievous salt would do and went outside to play, or at least walk, in the hopes of seeing/experiencing a tropical storm firsthand. And while we waited, we played a little point n’shoot self-timer.

2 Responses to “Its Rainin Rainin”

  1. Caitriona says:

    Love it! Straight out of The Sandals brochure :)
    Enjoy your break.

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Hey Catriona, am sure Sandals would have preferred something less overcast and rainy and more sun, fun, energy and cocktails. But this is the reality people, my camera doesn’t lie.

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