Time to Springify

March 30, 2015

Sunday afternoon was all about the men in the house getting their manly manual labor on with some outdoor work. Yep, its time to Springify the garden by removing all of the Winter carnage. Leaves and fallen branches were of course the main causalities, so the focus was largely their raking and removal.

Daddy and Cullen preparing one of many loads of leaves for redistribution deep into the forrest.

Champion raker right here.

Cullen loves stars and spotting the US flag on the rake became a very exciting distraction.

Keane’s idea of helping Daddy was to march through the many leaf piles.

One minute your digging away, filling buckets of leaves….

…the next thing you know your being approached by your boisterous stomping brother…

…who marches cheekily through your work pile.

Daddy found a baby snake. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Snakes to me mean venomous bites that lead to death. The Husband tried to convince me not all snakes were bad, but I’m sorry, I don’t care. However, when Keane started to show a curiosity in seeing said snake, I had to suppress the urge to grab all of my children and pets and run screaming back to the house. I don’t want Keane to making decisions about new opportunities and experiences based on his mothers fears and over reactions. So I did my best to stay calm and act like it was just the most exciting thing to happen to us all week.

Nasty ass snake.

As you can imagine, I was screaming loud on the inside when Keane went to touch the serpent.

Cullen standing next to the wheelbarrow trying to remind everyone that there is still work to be done.

Keane and Daddy team up to tackle one of the bigger piles.


…1-2-3 and lift.

Cullen pretends he was just on his way to give the lads a hand, but wouldn’t you know they’re already done.

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