Blogging Crickets

March 29, 2015

Some weeks, outside of the daily grind, there is nothing even the slightest bit interesting going on. When those weeks occur, the blog is quite, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. That or else one or both of my precious children have put me through some challenging nights, which can leave me with just enough functioning energy or brain ability to perform the days basic needs. Anything else, i.e blogging, is just too much to bare. Last week was a healthy combination of both those situations, resulting in blogging crickets.

But a some point you have to break the cycle of silence and what better way to do that than with a bike ride, get it? Keane has himself a new big boy bike, a gift from his Granny and Granddad Shinkins, and he loves it. So this weekend we took him somewhere other than his own driveway to really open up those wheels.

Focused and flying.

Cullen now has full ownership of the tricycle.

But he had zero interest in riding this thing anywhere.

He was more interested in wandering around the soccer fields…..

…checking to see if anyone was watching….

…before he began stealing some of the soccer boys water bottles.

Bike rides complete and it was time for a brotherly jaunt on the park dinosaur.

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