Kids Parties

March 21, 2015

Back in my pre-motherhood days, I’m not gonna lie, I was completely allergic to the idea of baby/toddler/children’s parties. Herding a bunch of screaming cats would be a lot easier then trying to get me to attend a kids party. But look at me today. I’m a changed animal. Now in a manner of Julie Andrews from “The Sound of Music”, you are more likely to see me beaming, signing at the top of my voice, a child in each hand, racing not towards the mountains of Austria, but towards each and every party invitation that comes our way. Why? Because in a party situation there are lots of kids to entertain each other and wear themselves out. There is a new environment for them to explore and new toys to play with. For the moms its a chance for us to socialize and vent and maybe sneak in a glass of wine or 2, in between mopping up spills, and tears as you once again try to explain the concept of sharing and taking turns.

So we headed into our weekend with great excitement, cos Saturday morning with the help of a fire truck and roughly 20 overly sugared and overly excited kids, we celebrated our good friend Bryson’s 3rd birthday.

Here the crowd gathers as we anxiously await the arrival of the fire truck.

While they wait, Keane and the birthday boy Bryson engage in some random conversation that I believe was centered around bath toys.

Cullen put his waiting time to good use taste testing the signage.

Finally, the fire truck!

Not shy about getting his go.

Cullen working his way up and into the truck.

Got to check it out from all angles.

And investigate every tiny hole.

My child loves wheels.

Serious face.

Cullen’s turn to drive.

The face of a boy not happy to let his younger brother take a turn.

Cake and candle time for Bryson.

Bryson had himself a little assistant to help with the gift opening.

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