St Patricks Day 2015

March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day to Irish people everywhere, especially our family and friends back home in the Emerald Isle. Unfortunately the boys are a little too young the hit the pubs and mark the great day that it is to be Irish with a pint of Guinness.

Instead, donning our greenest shirts, we dusted off the old Tricolor and took her outside for some hide-and-seek fun, Keane is under there somewhere.

Then the flag became a cape in some kind of St. Patrick the superhero type game.

Cullen wasn’t a big fan of the superhero game.

But the planes flying overhead, much more interesting.

Back inside and it was time to get our baking on with some Shamrock Pretzel Cookies.

Keane carefully placing the Rolo at the centre of each shamrock, while Cullen carefully swoops in for the grab.

Guilty faced little baby.

Now everyone’s stealing a taste.

Into the oven to melt the Rolos.

Add a lollipop stick and a dash of green and voila! You got yourself a Shamrock Pretzel Cookies.

The boys decide to enjoy their cookies al fresco.

The best big bother, when a piece of Cullen’s cookie fell on the ground, Keane picked it up and fed it to him. Germs???

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