Third World Water Status

March 3, 2015

I’m still existing in a cloud of jet-lag. I’ve been so focused on getting the boys schedule back on American track and dealing with a couple of disasters that occurred during our absence. Some small like a broken remote, flat tyre on the car, and some big like a burst water pipe during the freeze here in Georgia thats currently left us without water. I swear I will never take water for granted again. Now that I’ve been reduced to buying water for drinking and making the daily trek to The Husbands gym to fill empty buckets and jugs, not to mention shower, I’ve come to appreciate the true luxury of running water in the home. Right now we’re not sure when we will rejoin our first world water status, its a matter of trying to locate where exactly the burst pipe has occurred and unfortunately for us, it could be anywhere along 1000 yards of pipe thats burned under ground. So we literally have to start drilling for water. Until then, if you spot me in the early evening sunlight, washing our clothes down by the lake, do beep your horn and offer a friendly wave, even a little kindness can brighten the hardest of days.

Pictures of my boys completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but just cos they are so cute.

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