Boys Oh Boys

January 21, 2015

Playdates are now double the fun. Our 3 originals of Keane, Cannon and Gavin now all have baby brothers. Welcome to the madness Cullen, Harvey and newest member baby Sawyer. The entire supersized crew got together last weekend for what we hope will be the first of many playdates and as you can imagine, it was CRA-ZY. The boys had an absolute blast and right at the end when most of their energy had been burned up, we decided that would be the time to try and get a group shot of the lads. And we were somewhat right. As you can see we got a very adorable shot of all 6 boys.

But in our efforts to secure the adorable shot, we had to work through a little confusion and some emotional moments.

However, the one consistent thing through all the photos was baby Sawyer. He was straight chillin the entire time.

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