Outdoor Action

December 30, 2014

So I know the moment has passed, Christmas that is, but I’m sorry, this week I will be doing all of my Christmas photo sharing from our Christmas week in Boston. Unfortunately it wasn’t a white Christmas this year, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, cos it meant the boys were able to play outside as much as they wanted to, which was most of the time. And while I busy myself uploading and sorting through all of the too many photos taken, please enjoy some outdoor action shots of the boys from the first day of our visit.

Keane remembered this little red motor bike from the last time we visited and talked about it constantly in the days before we even arrived. So he was very happy to finally take it out for a spin very early on a Sunday morning.

Paul, moving faster than the wind blows.

And James, hot on his wheels.

Keane encourages James up a slight incline.

Then positions himself in the centre of the roundabout so he can watch the boys race past.

Binoculars for a better view of the action.

My boys love school buses, well, they love any kind of vehicle really, but especially school buses, so on the Monday we were all very excited that Paul would be coming home from school on a real, live school bus, so we decided to make our way to the top of the road and wait for his arrival.

Finally the bus pulls up.

Paul gets off and races past us. Maybe our excited waves and cheers embarrassed him a little.

But he was happy to join the crew in the walk back to the house.

James and Cullen.

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