Meeting Mr. Claus

December 17, 2014

Prepare for the worst is what I always say, and that was exactly my attitude this morning when I took the boys to meet Mr. Claus. I was ready for tears and resistance and sorrowful pleas not to be placed on the lap of the full figured man with the unnecessarily long beard. I got my camera settings ahead of time and my trigger finger was poised and ready to shoot fast, that way I could get the shot quickly and not have to leave a possibly hysterical child on the strangers lap a second longer than necessary. Well shame on me, cos the whole expericence went off without a hitch. In fact, when it was his turn, Keane bounced up on the lap of Santa and immediately launched into the thing he wanted most for Christmas. He complimented Santa on his tree and then went on to share all of the details about his own “big, tall tree with yots of yights” at home. Santa was very impressed.

Cullen took it all very much in stride too. He was happily confused and I believe his biggest concern was how he was going to get at all of the shiny decorations that surrounded us.

Chillin with St. Nic

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