My Family Photos

December 21, 2014

I’d avoided it for long enough. It was time. My excuses for not having photos taken of my family, were just that, excuses. Like most women out there I’m guilty of playing that nasty game, the game of picking apart all of my imprecations and finding nothing but flaws when I look at myself in photos. Trust me, with all of the sleepless nights that go along with being a mother, I don’t have to look too hard, with each passing glance in the mirror, the flaws just seem to present themselves. And even though there were moments when I envied my Husband and the fact that he was predominantly the one who got to be in all of the photos with the boys, I was secretly happy that capturing these moments, meant I was safe hiding behind my camera. Until I wasn’t happy. Until I realized that none of us are getting any younger. That my perceived flaws were never going to go away of magically fix themselves. That my kids were getting older and someday I wouldn’t be around and even though I am everywhere in their young lives, doing everything I can to make sure they experience the joy of every day life, and yet there are very few photos of me with them. It was time to change that. It was time to call B.S on myself, to women up and finally be a visual presence in my children’s future photographed memories.

To make this happen I obviously needed a photographer, so I reached out to someone I had the pleasure of shooting alongside for several years, who is not just an amazingly talent photographer, but an amazing women and friend, my good friend Tessa, of Tessa Marie Photography. If anyone could capture me and my family in the candid, relaxed and natural manner I was looking for, it was Tessa. And honestly, the results from our shoot were even better than I hoped. As your about to see, Tessa captured my family beautifully and finally made it possible for me to be part of own family photos.

As we head into Christmas week I want to wish everybody out there who stops by my blog a very “Merry Christmas”. We will be spending our week in Boston so Keane and Cullen will have their big cousins Paul and James to share the whole Santa experience with, so this is the last you will hear from me until we return to Georgia at the end of the week. So “Merry Christmas” again.

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  1. Sandy Priestman says:

    Thank you for sharing these magnificent family pictures! There are no flaws to be seen on anyone or anything. They are just beautiful reflections of a beautiful and happy family!
    May all your blessings continue.
    Merry Christmas!
    Diane’s friend Sandy P.

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