So the Holiday activities continue, and last week we took our annual trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to enjoy their Night of Lights spectacular.

The weather this particular night, was baltic. I ended up donating my scarf to Keane to help fend off the icy wind that was whipping around.

My friend Mike with the boys and their new friend Toad.

This year the gardens had a fire-pit section, and least you forget, the tempetures again, were baltic, so we spent a good bit of time standing safely close to these fire-pits. We even got to roast some marshmallow and make Keane his first s’more.

S’mores for Mike and Keane.

And in the spirit of trying to include myself in more of the photos this year, here I am with the lads.

Cullen, the happiest tree ornament in the gardens.

Keane is the experienced ornament, he’s been in this tree before. (Click here for flashback)

Other happenings last week, my eldest baby had his first school concert, and let me just say, the second he walked up on stage, I became that proud, gushing, pushy, “get out of my way bit#h I need to get a shot or 20 of my baby singing Jingle Bells” mother. I never believed it before this moment, but now I know future me will absolutely be that mother my children will be mortified to know.

And there he is, star of the whole show, no honestly, he was, well, to me at least.

Keane’s teachers Ms. Tara and Ms. Debbie help the kids sing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus.

A wave to the crowd at the end of the performance.

The boys.

A little self-timer selfie so I could include myself.

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