To the Beat of Their Own Drum

November 23, 2014

This week at music class Ms. Jennifer busted out the big drums and the boys went crazy. It was like the gift of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a birthday had been handed to them, wrapped in a humongous red bow. Before the music even starting, they were beating their little hearts out.

Inspiration and creativity took hold of Keane and he felt compelled to start playing with his feet. Thankfully Ms. Jennifer is the type to encourage a little creativity.

Cullen is a little surprised by Keane’s foot beating technique, so he does a quick facial check to make sure Ms. Jennifer is in total support of whats happening.

Once he see’s the green light, he unleashes his now creative streak and proceeds to climb the drum.

Keane is into it, singing and beating for all he’s worth.

The brothers team up for a duet.

Not satisfied with the 1 drum, Cullen goes all out with 2.

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