At our house we don’t have a front door, we have a revolving door, its true. Our home spends more time moonlighting as a guest house or B & B, then it does serving the residential needs of the core 4, Husband and I, Fintan and Dexter. 90% of our staying guests are athletes and friends and the remaining 10% is family. Hmmm, we appear to more popular with the athletes and friends than with our own family, I’m wondering if I need to take this personally?

Anyway, most of the athletes and friends that stay with us generally like to show their appreciation and gratitude for our hospitality by making a small contribution to the household. Not a financial contribution, but a creative contribution. Currently our guest is Sherone Simpson. Sherone is Jamaican and the Olympic 100m silver medalist from Beijing 2008 and she’s in town for a week or so to get treatment on a small hamstring issue she’s been having. Sherone is one of the sweetest and funniest people you could ever meet and when I tell you she absolutely could not wait to pull her weight around the house, I mean she could not wait.

She was up at the crack of dawn this morning, sawing away to help get this carriage house of ours built.

But at one point she was bold enough to ask for a break, that was until I explained to her, “Sherone, as an athlete you are aware that time is money. The faster you run, the more money you make. Well its the same with building a house. The faster you work, the more money we save. Really it all comes down to the basic economic principle of supply and demand (not really, I know that, but how smart did I sound throwing that out there?) so quit your cryin and get back to work.”

And as you can see, Sherone really took everything I said on board and was more than happy to get back to some hard work : ) Just look at her there and that happy little face, bless her.

4 Responses to “Its All About Giving Back, With A Smile”

  1. Silja Ulfars says:

    Shinks… are you abusing the poor athlete??? She was probably just being nice at first and then she´s stuck with this saw… :)

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Silja what are you talking about? don’t you remember painting the panic room and the dining room at our other house? We abuse all of our guests equally.

  3. hilarious! :) She’s cute! I need to get you the pics you took last night. If you want them.

  4. Silja Ulfars says:

    lol … true… Call me when you need the house painted ;)

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