The “Playdate”

November 20, 2014

Our little friend baby Maya dropped by yesterday morning for a playdate of sorts. Really it was a date for the momma’s, but I’m of the firm belief that if there’s 2 or more children gathered together in a room, and at least 1 of those children is not your own, then you are totally within your rights to label said gathering “a playdate”. Therefore releasing yourself from any possible feelings of guilt that the true purpose of the gathering, was to enjoy a coffee and a bitch chat with a friend. Our “playdate” also morphed itself into a bit of a photo lesson, Rachel (friend and mother of baby Maya) brought along her newish camera for a little guidance on how to put said camera to work. So we bundled up the kids, told them we were going out to play and then forced them to model for us.

Keane not at all pleased to find all the seats in the buggy occupied by the babies.

I think he may be trying to talk at least one of the babies out of the buggy.

No takers, no problem, he’ll just climb aboard anyway.

Maya thinks this is very amusing, Cullen, not so much.

No, Cullen is definitely over it, so back to the house with us.

As a little reward for their “modeling” I allowed the boys to build a slide on the furniture.

Cullen desperate to climb like his big brother.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to get Cullen his first haircut before his 1st birthday, but I think its time.

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