November 18, 2014

Sometimes you just need a break from your norm. Sometimes, when the kids are tucked up in their beds, warm, safe and cozy, you just don’t feel like tackling the trail of destruction left behind from their day of play and art projects. You don’t want to fold the laundry or get a head start on the next days chores. You don’t want to tidy the kitchen for the 700th time, that day. Or sit in front of your computer screen choosing the projects that get your attention before the fatigue you’ve managed to keep at bay all day, finally engulfs you. Sometimes, you just want to sit with your husband and talk about our goals, fears and future plans. Or fall asleep next to each other as we attempt to watch a movie or a football game. Other times you just want a little personal space to take a bath, or read a book you’ve been trying to read for the past 11 months. Sometimes you just want your brain to check out. And thats where I’ve been the past week. I just couldn’t muster up the motivation or drive to do anything other than some of the stuff shared. To my parents who I know have been checking most days, wondering why there’ve been no updates on the grandchildren; the kids are fine. As you can see, Cullen is learning to pull cheeky faces, and with the help of an iPad for distraction games and encouragement, Keane is making great progress with his potty training.

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