Halloween 2014

October 31, 2014

“Happy Halloween” from Goldilocks and her not 3 but 4 bears. The husband and I were obviously Momma and Poppa bear, the boys were Big Brother Bear (a new character in the 2014 version of the story) and Baby Bear, and my friend Mike stepped up to take on the role of Goldilocks. Trick or Treating got off to an early start this morning at Cullen’s school for their annual Trunk or Treat, and ended this evening with a traditional neighborhood candy crawl.

Our very modern family with a 2014 spin on a classic bedtime story.

The bears.

Goldilocks and the wee bears.

Keane gives us his best growl.

Cullen just kept crawling away.

Obviously I had to get a shot of the boys together, but as I was taking this, Keane informed me that bears actually live in the woods, so off we went to get a few more photos.

I love this one.

And these.

And these cos of Keane’s yawn and Cullen’s eagerness to get away.

Then it was off to Cullen’s school for a trunk or treat. Keane doesn’t actually go to Cullen’s school, he goes to “a bigger boys school” as he likes to describe it, but the school was cool enough to let Keane accompany his baby brother for his first Halloween.

Keane takes responsibility for collecting the treats, but Cullen wants a peek at the goods.

After an afternoon nap and a little food for fuel, the boys are ready to trick or treat in a nearby neighborhood.

The babies (Cullen and our friend baby Maya) hang back and let Keane take on the courageous walk to the front door.

“Trick or Treat?”

Cullen anxiously waits to see what Keane gets.

Jackpot! The lady has something sweet for the babies too.


Lots more treats to be had.

Already started on the candy.

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