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October 29, 2014

Yesterday I found myself in a bit of a panic, scrambling for some creativity. Keane had his Halloween party in school but as bad luck would have it, I still don’t have all of the bits and pieces for the costume he wants to wear Halloween night. I know, #one day to go, #last, #down to the wire, #back against the wall, #pressure pressure pressure. But as good luck would have it, this past summer Keane’s friend Emma gave him an old fireman costume she had in her possession. And just for an extra stroke of luck, last week was “fire engine week” at school and the kids had a visit from a f’real fireman who even brought his f’real fire truck for all of the kids to check out. So boom! for his class Halloween party, Keane was as a fireman. Now I literally have the next 24 hours to get my ‘ish together and have his actual Halloween costume ready to go.

Sadly parents were not allowed to partake in the class party, which left this snap-happy momma feeling slightly wounded, but of course I made sure to get a few shots of Keane as a fireman just before we left for school. As you can see, the jacket was a little on the big side, but I think that just added to his level of adorableness.

And while Keane was partying hard with all of his little friends, Cullen and I had a mom-and-baby date at the playground.

Fast becoming master of the tunnels.

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