Food for the Fast Lane

September 25, 2014

The day before our return to the US, was Derv’s book launch and signing. And just in case you’ve forgotten, my best friend and Irish track athlete Derval O’Rourke wrote a yummy scrummy cookbook. We were so excited to be there along with hundreds of other friends, family and fans to support Derv. But we had another reason to be present at the book launch, Keane has his very own recipe and photo featured in the book. So obviously he had to be on hand, with crayon in hand, ready to sign his favorite letter “K” for his and Derv’s shared fans.

Waterstone’s book store in Cork City was the place where it all went down.

And look who the front window display features.

Some pre-book signing PR photos.

A speech from the women of the moment.

And then it was time for Derv and Keane to get stuck into signing some books.

Blue crayon ready to go.

Keane signs on his featured recipe page.

Of course Cullen wanted in on some of the action.

Not sure what was so funny.

Thumbing through the book as they wait in line to meet Derv.

Keane needed to take a peek-a-boo break, so Derv had to sign solo for a while.

Keane playing peek-a-boo with baby Reagan, the adorable baby girl of fellow Irish athletes Ron and Marian Heffernan.

Wait a second, is that a kiss??


Rob and Marian with baby Reagan and Cullen.

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