Sunday Sailing

September 23, 2014

When the Irish weather takes a turn for the tropical, its your patriotic duty to do something adventurous and fabulous. So we decided to let Derv’s husband take us out on a glorious Sunday morning sea cruise along the Cork coast on his family’s boat “Irish Mist”.

Daddy and Keane making their way along the docks.

And there’s our boat, Irish Mist.

Derv and Cullen climb aboard.

The boys take their seats and wait for the anchor to lift.

And we’re off.

Cullen is so excited.

Part of the fabulous Cork coast.

Keane loving every second of the trip.

Cullen too.


Derv and Keane out lighthouse spotting.

Dev volunteers to take a family photo and I would say she did pretty good. (Special note to Derv: What have you got against feet??)

Hmmm, now this one, not so good. If I was to offer some critisism I would venture to say that the subjects (Cullen and I) are a little out of focus. But I wanted to share a photo of the 2 of us, so out of focus or not, here we are.

Peter hands the boat driving responsibilities over to Keane.

Keane enlists a first mate, Cullen.

Together they do their best not to steer us into the path of an oncoming sail race.

The sail race.

Back to dock and a final shot of Derv, myself and Cullen.

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