Farm Hands

September 21, 2014

There was no shortage of animal experiences for Keane and Cullen during their Irish trip. They even got to dabble in a little farming when we paid a visit to Ms. Sally’s (Derv’s mother-in-law). Ms Sally put them straight to work feeding chickens.

Chicken watching.

Keane off to the hen house to see if they laid any eggs.

Whaahooo! He was so excited to see 4 eggs waiting to be collected.

So proud of himself.

Next to the greenhouse to check on the tomatoes and pick some strawberries.

The boys dig around for the strawberries.

Cullen is into it.

This is Derv’s new house, or will be this time next year.

Me and the boys outside Derv’s eventual front door.

Keane is going through a jumping phase right now. Jumps off everything.

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