August 16, 2014

Its been a long time since we got to catch up with everyone from our little boys playdate group, but today Keane and Cannon were back to their playful ways like no time had past at all. They even brought along the baby brothers, Cullen (Keane’s bro obviously) and 10 month old Harvey, Cannon’s bro. The only one missing was Gavin, who was on a family trip to the lake, but we’ll get to see him again soon.

This peek-a-boo sculpture was a big hit with all of our boys. Keane and Cannon check everything out and decide that they will definitely be able to squeeze themselves through the little hole.

Keane first.

Then Cannon.

A synchronized crawl.

So cute, Keane helps baby Harvey over to the hole.

Harvey repays the act of kindness by giving Keane some gentle assistance.

Harvey and Cullen get busy investigating the ground.

Cullen and a standing Harvey.

Love these last 2 shots of the big boys playing peek-a-boo with the little boys.

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