Career Crossovers

August 12, 2014

I truly believe my previous career as a professional track athlete is now a true asset in my new career as mother of 2. The years of hours spent on the track and in the gym, training and pushing your body and mind to perform beyond what you thought you were even capable of, crosses over well into motherhood. I’ve have a really challenging couple of weeks with the boys, with numerous trips to the doctor for not one but both of them. Upset stomachs, infected bug bites, ear infections, all of it.  As a result there hasn’t been much happening in the sleep department. These days if I can piece together enough minutes of sleep that add up to a full 2 hours, then thats a good night. I’m tired. So very tired, and there is never a chance to catch up. Its not like I can put my head down on my desk for a cheeky little 15 min power nap during the quieter parts of the day. Or use my lunch break to run to the car and sleep for the hour instead of eat. No, being a mother doesn’t gift you moments like this in your day. You still need to show up and perform, even when you have nothing left to give. This is where the professional athlete kicks in. You are depleted, your body is tying up, you don’t think you can take one more step, yet somewhere deep inside, you find the drive and determination to keep going. This is what I’ve been doing the past few days. Digging deep, trying to keep the daily performance level up and the children dressed, fed, happy and entertained. The good news is, I think we have turned a corner. Both kids are now showing signs of returning to their happier, healthier selves, so here’s hoping there is a night or two of 4 or more hours sleep in my future.

A couple of photos from today where I was juggling drawing with Keane, with playtime for Cullen. Here I was teaching Keane to draw circles, I drew the orange circle on the right and he was to copy it.

Deep concentration.

Ta-Dah! He may have gone a little crazy, but he got the idea.

Next he decided he wanted to draw a forrest. So we brought out the poster paper for this project.

I drew the tree on the pink page and from that Keane drew the tress numbered “1, 2 & 3″ (a sneaky way of getting in some number learning too). So proud and impressed by his efforts. And if your wondering what the red drawing on the far left is, with the letter “K” above it, its a man. Now that I’ve pointed it out, hopefully you can see the head, belly, arms and legs.

Once I had Keane absorbed in his project, it was over to Cullen to give him a little playtime attention. And with babies you can never go wrong with a cardboard box as a source of entertainment and fun.

Inevitably, Keane wanted in not only on the fun, but into the box too.

Love Cullen’s face here, “Seriously momma? Your letting this happen?”

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  1. Grandma says:

    Keane is brilliant! And Cullen is so squeezable cute!

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