Inside Playground

August 9, 2014

The great thing about having so many friends with kids? Parties. Yes, all of our little babies have to grow up, which means plenty of milestone 1st and 2nd birthday parties to celebrate. Last week it was baby Grayson’s moment to turn the big 1! He’s the baby boy of our good friends Dominic and Gianne, and to celebrate they threw an Elmo themed birthday party at Catch Air, or as Keane likes to call it “the inside playground”. Plenty of slides, rides, balls and things of bounciness for all the kids to enjoy.

Cullen and Keane ease into all of the fun with a ride on the carousel.

The birthday boy, Grayson giving the place a thorough inspection.

The boys hit the ball pen.

This face, hostility or confusion?

Gianne takes Grayson for a birthday slide and he HATED it.

Thinking he’d be happier sliding down by himself, wrong, HATED that too.

Cullen, Birthday Boy Grayson and Keane.

The boys take on the spinning tops.

Hands down Cullen’s favorite.

Dada was a fan too.

Dada and Keane go climbing in search of slides.

Found them.

Birthday cake time.

Dominic wishes it was his 1st birthday again.

Mmmm, pizza.

Big birthday cake moment.

Time for some cake smashing.

Poor little fella was so confused.

Full of sugar and ready for some more playground action.

Someone needed a recharging power nap.

Family shot! Happy 1st Birthday Baby Grayson.

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  1. Gianne says:

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much Karen! I love them!

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