Pool Party

July 21, 2014

Towards the end of our stay, one of The Husband’s friends from childhood (S’up Miller Family!) invited us over for a pool party. Since The Husband had already left us to get back to work, I thought it might be a tad rude to crash the pool party without the actual known and invited guest. But the hot Massachusetts summer, coupled with the information that I did in fact meet said childhood friends before at a family wedding (lets just say there was a free bar, I was a thirsty girl, so the details of that initial meeting are a little hazy), helped liberate me of my party crashing concerns. So off we went for a fabulous evening of swim, food, football (the world cup was still on) and the re-making of new friends.

Paul, James and Keane get ready to take the plunge.

The eldest first.

Love James’s flying bird, into chair dive.

Last but no least, my big man Keane.

I really wanted to get a photo of Keane and Cullen enjoying their pool time together, but as you can see, Keane hated the idea and just wanted to get back to his diving. So I let him off but had secret plans to try again later.

No to be left out, Cullen gets a little diving in too.

Paul progresses to a legit dive, off a f’real board.

A relaxing float for baby Cullen.

Now Keane is happy to get his photo taken with his brother, but now I can’t get Cullen to take his eyes off whatever it is that has his attention on the floaty.

A rare shot of me with my boys. Thanks Dinara : )

Mean Keane & Happy Keane.

Paul & Cullen, just chillin.

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