Party Like a 2 Year Old

June 11, 2014

I know the grandparents have been waiting patiently for some photos from Keane’s birthday party, and I would have posted some sooner, but i’ve been struggling a bit with illness the past 2 days, so the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of a glaring computer screen. For all you new parents out there or soon to be parents, word of warning, toddler birthday parties will wear you the heck out, make no mistake about it. And these little monsters can trash a house in less than 5 minutes after it took you 3 days to get it ready for the big occasion. But all the little monsters enjoyed themselves, especially the birthday boy, and at the end of the day or illness, thats all that really matters. So on with the pictures.

Keane is big into Dora these days, so we went with a Dora theme for the party. Here is his fabulous cake.

And someone can’t wait to get his little mitts at the cake.

“Happy Birthday” time.

Look at the shy little face as everyone sings “Happy Birthday” to him.

And for a change I was able to be part of the photos thanks to my friend Gianne.

Keane and his friend Colin eyeball each other over some balloons.

My friend Gianne and her 10 month old son Grayson.

This photo cracks me up. I asked Keane’s friend Byrson to get in a photo with Keane, so he walks up behind him, puts 2 hands on his shoulders and poses. Too cute.

Grayson takes Keane’s old walker for a test drive. But was more interested in giving it a taste test.

Slowly he pulls himself up and starts to shuffle forward.

Keane’s friend Emma helps him take on the hula-hoop.

Brsyon found Keane’s favorite police car and for a second I thought Keane was going to get upset cos someone else was playing with “his” car.

But the boys found a way for both of them to enjoy it. Sharing can be such a hard lesson for a 2 year old to learn.

Laila wanted not 1, but 2 party hats.

Noah, Keane’s friend from school.

Cullen was tired of sharing his momma with everyone and made his feelings about it very clear.

The after-party saw the beginning of a hula-hoop challenge. Piotrek is the first to go and fails.

Keane nails it, with a little help from Emma.

But Emma was the clear winner, making everyone else look really bad.

Cullen cheers up while watching the hula-hoop challenge.

Time to open some gifts.

Keane looks very serious as he listens to Emma read out who each gift is from.

The “Bro” of the birthday boy.

Baby Maya and baby Cullen.

Love Cullen’s expression here. The classic “Mom, stop embarrassing me” pose.

Baby Maya wants in on some of the gift opening.

Keane shares some of his new cars with her.

Maya is clearly shocked by this whole birthday business.

The boys!

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