My eldest baby turned 2 today. I cannot believe its been a whole year since his first birthday. Time is literally flying by. Last year I decided to make it a goal of mine to capture photos of my babies every year on the exact day that they were born, i.e their birthday. And yes its only year 2, but so far, so good as we continue on our goal achieving path. (You can CLICK HERE to see Keane’s photos from last year).

This year I will say that the picture taking, was very challenging. I now have a toddler on my hands who in the past year has acquired himself a very extensive vocabulary, along with plenty of thoughts, opinions, wants and unwants (no judging, just be glad I didn’t go with “diswants”). During this years shoot there were definitely more breaks, plenty of bribery and all kinds of tricks to distract him from telling me “No momma, is too hard for me. Ah done now”

But I persevered and here is my little fella, 2 years to the day since his arrival.

As you can tell, Keane is sporting a nose injury. He picked this sucker up after he fell off his Bat-mobile while playing outside with Dada. It took all of my willpower not to kill The Husband. Of all the weeks, ALL THE WEEKS, his birthday week. Grrrrrr!

Now in the US they refer to cuts and scraps as “boo-boo’s”, no idea why, but if you ask Keane to show you his boo-boo, he first points to his chin.

But if you remind him of his fall from the Bat-mobile, he will instantly point to the big old scab on his nose.

For his new birthday kicks Keane chose a rocking pair of Spiderman shoes. He hasn’t the first idea who Spiderman is or what he’s about, but he insists on wearing Spiderman pajamas to bed every night and Spiderman shoes during the day.

Yay! 2 today!

Of course I needed to get a photo of the new little brother Keane acquired since his first birthday,

So here is the “Momma I’m over this sh*t” face.

So I let him off to explore in the forrest, but I really wanted to get a few more shots of Keane & Cullen together, so with a little creative sweet talking, I got him to agree to help Cullen with his tummy time.

But good luck getting both boys to look at the camera at the same time.

Cant help feeling like they’re both planning something here. Payback maybe?

“Peace Out”, Keane is off again.

But eventually he came back for what I promised was the last shot.  And I wasn’t lying, it was the last shot I asked him to do anything in, the rest of the photos I captured as he went about his business of playing.

Stopping to investigate a very busy ant colony.

As always, happiest when he gets to play naked or partially naked.

Cullen chillin, watching all the action from the sidelines.

Until it was time to get in the game.

Keane loving the challenge of trying to get both him and Cullen onto the Bat-mobile.

Eventually Keane’s nappy/diaper came off and he went for a cooling skinny dip in the paddling pool. But we won’t be sharing any of those photos here. Future grown up Keane would never thank me for it. Here he is wrestling his little brother into the pool to play with him.

But as soon as Cullen got in, Keane ran off, so Cullen had a splash around with my friend Mike instead.

And this is where Keane ran off to, “swimming in da bucket momma”.

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