The nasty Georgia heat is creeping up on us fast. So we’ll be spending a lot of our upcoming playtime looking for ways to stay cool. Enter the kiddy padding pool. Keane and Cullen take their wee pool for a test dive (test dive, get it? Dive?) this evening. Yes, even baby Cullen got in on the paddling pool action.

Keane is such a good share’er.

Of course Cullen couldn’t resist a taste test, and that random finger on the right, is Keane yelling at Cullen not to eat the ball. “No Cullen, not eat ball”

I distract Keane from yelling a Cullen by setting up a game of toss the ball in the bucket.

And its in!

YAY Keane!

Squeezes his big self into Cullen’s Bumbo.

This is Keane taking a dive.

Or should we say, flop.

And when it was time to get out, I wrapped Cullen up nice and cozy……………

……….while I chased this little streaker.

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