May 21, 2014

With each passing week he gains more control of his limbs. He’s keeping this head up and steady more often then not and he continues to work intensely on his reach and grab techniques. Also this week Cullen got his first non-hand-me-down toy. Yes, a toy of his very own. Being not only the 2nd born, but the 2nd born boy, means poor Cullen will for the most part rock clothes and play with toys that were once his brothers, but not today. Today he gets to bounce, swing and play in a toy of his very own, well, that was until his big brother popped up and demanded “Teen’s turn“.

Lookin good in his shiny new bouncy thing.

Intense investigation and curiosity.

And of course Keane wasn’t letting this toy go without a toddler test drive.

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  1. Angie says:

    Love new toys! He’ll be safe and sound in that. And entertained for a while. Super toy!

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