It was the perfect day. Hot but not too hot and the grounds of Cloverleaf Farms were an explosion of warm sunlight and lush greenery. Family and guests alike had been eagerly anticipating this day. It had been 3 years since Rebekah & Drew first meet. Working at the same restaurant there was an instant spark between them, yet neither of them was willing to disclose their interest in the other. After all, not only were they co-workers, but he was her manager. Rebekah tried to heed the advice of her parents, “not a good idea to date someone you work with. Too much potential for disaster.” But one night Drew found the courage to call Rebekah and it was during that call that he bravely laid out his feeling for her. This was all Rebekah needed to hear, she was elated and giddy, and even though her parents advice made total sense, Rebekah decided this time, she was going with what she felt in her heart. And this felt right.

The wedding day was filled with love from friends old and new, long embraces from family members and one of the most important things in both Rebekah & Drew’s relationship, their adorable dog, Puffin. Everyone celebrated this gorgeous couple and all of the personal touches and all of the energy they put into making this day a day to remember.

Rebekah & Drew thank you for being two of the sweetest people I could ever hope to photograph. Your day was perfect, real and a true depiction of your love. You both have such amazing families and friends, not to mention the sweetest and best behaved dog ever, and I was honored to be a small part of documenting such a special day for you both.

Little Puffin, best dog EVER!

Rebekah gets the full glam and looks absolutely flawless.

The groom prepares for his day out on the lawn with some of his groomsmen playing a game I have no clue what the name is, sorry .

While the bridal suite was a whirlwind of hair, make-up, dresses and shoes, the grooms suite was all about watching baseball.

To my utter joy, Rebekah & Drew decided to do a First Look and we were able to use this special time to get some fabulous photos of this stunning couple.

Absolutely love Drew’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride.

The bridesmaids spying from the balcony.

Rebekah was absolutely breathtaking.

And Drew was every inch the dashing groom.

Time for some couple fierceness.

The grounds of Cloverleaf Farms were beautiful in the simplest country way.

The amazing bridal party.

Puffin with his gorgeous momma.

Time to get married.

Mr & Mrs.

Time to celebrate.

First dance.

Father daughter dance.

Always an emotional moment for the mother of a bride and close friends.

Mother son dance. 

We took the opportunity before sunset to grab a few more stunning shots of the happy couple.

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